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Cosmetic Dentistry in Stead, Nevada

 Cosmetic dentistry continues to evolve with advanced techniques and methods that target a beautiful smile and a healthy bite. Combining tried-and-true practices with improved cosmetic solutions, the team at Desert Valley Dental offer patients’ high-quality cosmetic and functional results using the least intrusive procedures. If you are looking to improve your smile for a special occasion or would like to improve your bite with a cosmetic restoration, Drs. Robyn Goodman and Joseph Eberle provide cosmetic solutions at each of our locations in Stead, Reno, Sun Valley and East Sparks, Nevada.

Our Cosmetic SolutionsCosmetic Dentistry

We understand that it is important to feel confident with your smile. If you are looking to improve the color, shape, size or to fill in an unwanted gap, Desert Valley Dental has a cosmetic solution for you. Patients who are in need of a restoration can also receive a seamless aesthetic smile due to color-matched durable restorations that restore function and beauty.

Teeth Whitening - Getting your teeth whitened in Stead or any of our other Nevada locations is easy. We offer in-house whitening care as well as custom take home trays where you can improve the color of your smile at your convenience.

Porcelain Veneers - These thin, yet extremely sturdy, sheets of porcelain are placed over your teeth within your smile zone to change the appearance of uneven, chipped, slight misalignment or gummy smile.  

Fillings - The bulk of our fillings use composite resin to match the color of your natural tooth. Only your dentist has to know you had a cavity. For patients who prefer, we do offer amalgam upon request.

Crowns & Bridges - When a tooth is severely damaged or needs extraction, crowns and bridges are two traditional cosmetic options to restore your bite to its fullest function. 

Dentures - We offer partial, full and dental implant-supported dentures for patients missing multiple or all of their teeth. Dentures will renew your ability to chew, improving your digestion and give you the confidence you need to smile your best smile.

Implant-Supported Restorations - The most advanced technology available, dental implants can be used to support a range of cosmetic restorations that include crowns for single teeth, partial dentures and bridges for multiple teeth and full dentures for patients who are missing all of their teeth on the upper or lower palate, or both.

Conservative Dentistry with Cosmetic Appeal

Inlays and onlays offer a more conservative approach to repairing damaged teeth. When a tooth is too damaged to be structurally sound when repaired by a filling, yet crown use demands the removal of healthy natural tooth, an inlay or onlay are good options to rebuild your tooth’s integrity and keep it looking natural. 

Tooth bonding is another approach to care for your tooth or teeth conservatively. Rather than attaching veneers, the method of tooth bonding allows our dentists to improve the structure of a chipped or smaller tooth to create a seamless aesthetic smile. It is a minimally invasive approach to renewing your smile.

Root Canals to save a severely damaged tooth. We offer root canals to save the integrity of your natural tooth and to avoid extraction. A missing tooth opens your dentition to a slew of on-coming problems such as shifting neighboring teeth and bone loss, so when applicable, our dentists will perform a root canal to remove the damage and restore function with a cap, or crown.

Our cosmetic dentists will discuss applicable cosmetic options with you when you during your exam. It is important to repair any damage prior to applying cosmetic practices as a healthy tooth will create a lasting beautiful smile. Contact our Cosmetic Dentists to schedule an appointment in either our Stead, Reno, Sun Valley, or East Sparks locations.